SigMap is an innovative crowdsourcing solution for collecting mobile coverage information.

SigMap informs and facilitates change. By providing a free app to gather completely anonymous data on mobile telephone carrier coverage and blackspots throughout Australia, SigMap is a single source of truth for accurate, real-world signal data available for licensing.


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The power of SigMap can help your business thrive.

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Take a step and close the digital divide in your area.

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Mobile communications are a right, not a privilege.

sigmap coverage map

SigMap’s Coverage Map is a visualisation of the SigMap signal data you can see now.

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atlas gis

SigMap offers a powerful and intuitive Geographical Information System (GIS), Atlas.

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SigMap is provided by software company FlowBiz; developing digital strategies for growth.

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The power of SigMap: informing and facilitating change.